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The physical challenges you’ve faced for the past 10 years quickly dissolve as you learn the worst is suddenly your new reality. Hearing the words, “It’s cancer,” puts you in flight or fight mode, knowing you’ve got to find the strength to push ahead. #willstrong #teamlanier
— Will Lanier
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Will Lanier, an avid CrossFitter and the General Manager at Brick New York, was diagnosed in 2005 with Ulcerative Colitis.  Since then, he has been on an almost decade long journey to beat this autoimmune disease and its debilitating symptoms and medication side effects. At the start of 2014, he began blogging and made it a public goal that by the end of the year he will have conquered Ulcerative Colitis and the many symptoms of the disease. 

Fast forward to June 2014.  After a routine colonoscopy, Will was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. 

August 1, 2014 marked the first surgery to remove his colon, a major organ of the digestive system.  His internal cavity will need to be reconfigured with 2 additional surgeries over the next 6 months. Healing for the first two surgeries includes wearing a detachable bag to allow fluids, waste, and bacteria to leave his body. After this initial surgery, Will has two more to ensure the cancer is gone and to reverse the external bag. Insurance covers a portion of these costs, but not nearly close to the full amount.  Will’s costs are going to be many and could reach well over $300,000.  So that is our goal: $300,000.

Will Lanier is the first to go to bat for any of us, to believe in us, and to help us to achieve our goals.  As he does for us every day, it is our time to support him to reach this goal.

Through the support of his ever-extensive network of friends, family, and community, I know we can not only get there, but surpass this goal of $300,000.  Become a part of #WillfulHeart #WillStrong #TeamLanier.

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