The Last Supper

Today is the final day before I dive deep into the depths of the AI diet and lifestyle - so against my better judgement, I did what I assume anyone would do and went hog wild on a ton of things I shouldn’t have eaten.

I will pay for this decision tomorrow, but I think it will set me up for a good reminder of what not to do and give me a good reference point as to how I felt when I began this journey.

Many things I will miss…one being french fries and fried calamari…or basically fried anything…truth be told. So, on my final day of fried-loving life, my friends took me out and we had…fun with fried food.

A moment of silence.

Goodbye my crunchy friends.

Another errand of the day was to grocery shop for my plunge. Buying organic and grass-fed and non-GMO is not for the faint of heart or wallet. Your grocery bills will definitely go up, but when this works out…medical bills down…grocery bills up…it’s all a wash.

I will say that grocery shopping took on a whole new meaning today. It was actually quite fun perusing the aisles in search of this spice or that spice…who knew that there was such a thing as “coconut aminos?” Well my friends, they exist and they are in many of my recipes.

Other lessons learned today:

  • canned salmon is cheaper than tuna
  • you can buy a WHOLE chicken! What!?!
  • coconut oil isn’t actually oil…it’s a solid
  • and I can now spell sauerkraut

The things one learns on an early morning jaunt thru Whole Foods.

Here’s what 150 big ones can get you at the grocery store on this diet.

Until tomorrow my friends…

Happy Easter.