Reunited and it feels


As you know, I can’t sing the praises of my doctors, surgeons, nurses…practically everyone at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Hospital enough…

Which is the exact reason why my body decided to betray me - to make it possible to go see all these wonderful people again - much sooner than planned.

I’ll paint a picture for you.

The date: Monday, August 11.

The time: 2:00am

The scene: I wake up with what I figure is gas pain…really not uncommon in my household. Between Scott and the dog - they’ve got this part covered. Regardless, I was in some serious pain. Fast forward to 4:00am and the pain is worse and I start to get ill. I puke. Twice. And if you know me, this isn’t something I do often or voluntarily. I will do everything within my power to not throw up. This day - I really had no choice in the matter.

Scott flings the bedroom door open because he knows that this is serious. The doctors warned us. And Scott remembers everything…bless him.

We go to the ER. I have a blockage and because of said blockage, have become dehydrated. After a long day in hell, which included multiple IVs, a 30” catheter stuck in my side, Season 1 of RHONY with this lady, and no food or water - I was admitted. During this whole rigamarole, I got a CT scan to diagnose what was blocking my output.

And…wait for it…I won the lottery. The CT scan showed that I had a small blood clot in my portal vein. For you curious types…read more about Portal Vein Thrombosis here. What this means for me is that I’m now on blood thinners for the next 3-6 months and hope the clot dissipates.

Cue eye roll and giant UGHHHHHH.

I spend the next 2 days in hospital and got to go home on Wednesday with strict orders to sit on my ass and not move a muscle for awhile. “Relax,” they say. “It’s good for you,” they say. To me. An active human being. A CrossFitter. Melting into the sofa is not my thing.

Cue another eye roll and giant UGHHHHHH.

But look - silver lining - if I hadn’t gone to the ER, they wouldn’t have performed the CT scan, and they wouldn’t have found the blood clot. In the end, I’m in a much better spot than I potentially could have been without this new diagnosis.

Onward and upwards, my friends. #journeyforsurvival

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