Monday a.k.a. I Want All the Cookies

Day one in the books.

I can start to understand what a quitting smoker feels like. I hear it’s more of the habit you have to break than the actual craving. Like the habit of dropping into the coffee shop every morning. There’s something quite comforting in our habits and when you break the habits (good or bad) - you take notice. The day just isn’t the same. I miss my Marshmallow Dream Bars from Starbucks.

So that was today for me.

It wasn’t bad. At all. It was actually fun and enlightening.

I woke up this morning as my broth finished doing it’s thing in the slow cooker. This is all new to me so heaven only knows if I did it right…time will tell. I had made grass-fed (read: expensive) beef sausage (read: not really sausage) patties last night for and easily transportable breakfast meat (read: eat it cold). I piled a few of those fat guys into a tupperware, threw it in my bag with one of my Kettlebell Kitchen meals, and sped off to the first of 5 final days of jury duty…not that I’m counting down or anything.

This is really not my norm - the whole idea of making food to take with you and prepping meals to eat thing…but to be successful on this journey - this is how it has to go. And so it shall be.

The day goes on. I work. I workout. (I’ve got a post brewing about working out on this diet/lifestyle…more on that soon.)

I get home about 9pm and set out to make dinner. Yup…starting to cook at 9pm is where it’s at folks. Not only are you starving, but you’re also a bit knackered from the day, and you live in NYC and have the tiniest kitchen known to mankind…AND AND AND now you have to cook dinner.

I cried. Because of the onions in my amazing cauliflower fried rice…and maybe because it was all a bit overwhelming.

But this happened.


Wild-caught (read: expensive…again) Salmon with Cauliflower Fried Rice from this book, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook.

Tomorrow is a new day. This one is done.

Turn the page.