I'm not yet dead...

Humor me.

Or I’ll humor myself…whichever.

Follow my train of thought here.

As I walked home today, I thought, “I should probably update my blog so people don’t think I’m dead.”

"I’m not dead yet."

"Ha ha…that reminds me of a movie…’bring out yer dead.’"

"Monty Python. Dry wit. Me. Cancer. Blog. Done."

:::type reminder in phone so brief moment of brilliance doesn’t lapse:::

That brings us here - or almost here - I start quoting Monty Python scenes and singing at the top of my lungs from Spamalot and Scott’s like, “Ummm…”


Moral of the story. I’m not dead yet and if you don’t know Monty Python, we simply cannot be friends.

Other pertinent updates are thus:

Surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 1st. The first of three times I will be under the knife over the next chunk of months. I’ll be convalescing at my pied-à-terre for a few weeks then hopefully returning to work for a month before the next coming of the scalpel.

Assuming I don’t get struck by lightening, a bus, or fall into a trash chute - I’ll be updating a few more times before surgery. If social media is something you get into, follow me on Twitter (@williamlanier) or Instagram (@truebluewilly) and if you really want cuteness that makes you wanna die, follow my dog (@cashlanier). I know after surgery, these will be the most up-to-date if I know my mother and her picture taking fanaticism. 

Until then my pretties…