Call the Wahhhmbulance

Finishing up day nine.

Before you get out your tiny violin - let me just complain for a brief second. This diet really is the pits. No coffee. No alcohol. No sugar. All of my comforts.

Withdrawal symptoms are a real thing. I’m lethargic…and really bitchy. And to top it all off, I’ve been dreaming of food for the last two days. Last night: Cheetos. I don’t even eat Cheetos in my normal dieting life. The night before: Waffles.

What is my brain doing to me?

And to be 100% transparent - I’m not feeling any better yet. Not that I was expecting a miracle over night, but I was expecting to feel a little better by giving up all my vices. This is a huge test of my mental strength and today I felt really weak against them all. I didn’t succumb to any sugar or coffee but it was on my mind all day.

As I was walking home this evening, I began to give all this a little more attention. Coffee. Sugar. Alcohol. These are all things that I use as crutches in life. When I’m tired…coffee. When I need a smile…sugar. When I get home after a long day and want to relax…alcohol. This project seems to not only be testing my autoimmune disease, but it is also testing my life - forcing me to face things head on, without these support mechanisms.

I’ll continue to trudge through week two with my eye on the prize.