World IBD Day

It's coming up on almost another year since being diagnosed with colon cancer.

Friday, June 13th - a day I will never forget. A day that changed my life forever.

But today is about awareness - today is about bringing awareness to diseases that plague so many people around the globe. On World IBD Day - I share my journey. I encourage you to read back thru these pages on the blog from my final fight with Ulcerative Colitis all the way thru my journey with colon cancer. It is a journey that many go thru - whether it be with UC, Crohn's, or other irritable bowel diseases.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for those who have been a part of the struggle, the surgeries, and now my life post-UC and cancer. 

Below is a quick video that one of my best friends, Jenn Seracuse, and I worked on with Theodore Collatos and Carolina Amorim when we were preparing for the Portland, Maine Half Marathon benefitting CCFA and Team Challenge. It's a quick glimpse into our lives before and after our diseases and how the fight may be long and arduous - but the end is so worth it.

Happy World IBD Day!