Image courtesy of  Armin Roshdi

Image courtesy of Armin Roshdi

There's a book that I've read a few times called In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant. The book, while it may be about romantic relationships, speaks to any and all relationships in life. The long-term relationships, the friendships, the one-night stands. Every sort of relationship is discussed and the author sets the tone that every single relationship in your life whether it's 30+ years or 30 minutes long - it's meaningful and this person is in your life for a reason.

So why is this relevant right now?

This week was my follow-up appointment with my surgeon. The point of the visit was to check in, make sure my incision was healing correctly, and to address any other concerns or issues I may have had. Since I've no real issues beyond my general OCD - the appointment was quick and seamless.

After...say...3 minutes, Dr. M. shakes my hand and says, "Well - this is it. I don't need to see you again."

And he left.

I sat dumbfounded for a bit. Pondering the moment that just passed. About how this part of the journey is seemingly over. Part of what sent my mind reeling was that there's this man...this man who SAVED MY LIFE...and he's all "see ya on the flip side."

Surgeons are like superheroes. They save your life - they leave - and on to the next one.

I can't help but feel a little empty. I've had an extended family in the Upper East Side for 6 months. My surgeon, his PA, his scheduler, the nurses on 14N, the lady who always brought my food while in the hospital...all these people came into my life and we went on a journey. A frickin' JOURNEY!


Now it's over. We've finished what we started and we can all move on. All of these amazing folks have changed my life...given me life...and there will always be a special place in my heart for them. But I'm like...can I come to your Hampton's house or your Christmas Party? Send you a birthday card? Don't leave me now!

But I have to understand and digest the fact that this is what all of these folks have signed up for. Their calling. Their gift to the world.

It's something I may never understand, but it's something I am ever grateful for.