_____:CANCER Campaign

I've teamed up with a really great friend and her amazing DIG marketing group called Saxon/Hart to launch _____:CANCER, an Ulcerative Colitis and Colorectal Cancer Awareness and Fundraising Initiative.

_____:CANCER's mission is to bring awareness to the debilitating autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Colorectal Cancer thru fitness and social campaigning.

The first event will be Wednesday, October 8th...more details on that tomorrow.

But first - a special request to get traction for the initiative prior to our kick-off event.

The goal is to engage the world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and encourage everyone to be their own voice to fight cancer. The logo for _____:CANCER is interactive. There's a blank so you can fill in your own word for supporting the fight. 




You get the picture. Your mission:

  1. Grab a piece of paper.  
  2. Write a sign. If you want to print instead of write...download this PDF >>> Click here!
  3. Hold up.  
  4. Take a selfie.  
  5. Post. Post. Post. Be sure to hashtag #BLANKCANCER and tag @blankcancer on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Invite more to join in on the initiative.  

Here's some inspiration from a very special lil' boy...