little things

It’s funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most.
— Zac Brown

It's easy to get swept up in life. Work. School. Friends. Family. Pets. Ya! We're taught to not sweat the small stuff and to look at the "big picture."


The small stuff ≠ The little things.

Today as I worked with my boss on some small details for a large project - I took stock of where I was (a city I love), who I was with (people I love and respect), and what I was doing (a job I love to do every single day). When I left my meeting, I had a skip in my step as I sipped my favorite flavor of Gatorade and listened to Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album for the 100 bazillionth time. The little things make me happy.

It's the little things that keep the big things from being so damn overwhelming.

Six months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Boom. Big thing. I underwent two surgeries that floored me. Boom. Big things. I've got another surgery in 4 days. Boom. I'm expecting it to be a big thing.

But yesterday I got to enjoy a holiday party with 60+ people that I love. A little thing.

The little things also teach us a lessons about life.

I have a dog...perhaps you've heard. He's on a schedule. He has a personality. He's also the love of my life. That little thing has taught me so much about life, love, responsibility, name it. Knowing that I can come home to a fluffy four-legged friend makes my days so much more exciting.

The little things can lead to big things that might be the most important things to happen in your life.

I came to visit New York on a whim for Halloween 2010. I fell in love with this city and decided then and there that I would move here. I found a job and it happened in 8 short weeks. My life has been changed ever since.

On Friday, I will go to the hospital for my final surgery. When I wake up from surgery, I will finally be on my road to recovery. My colostomy bag will be gone. I will have lost a little thing - but honestly...good fucking riddance. That's one little thing I will be happy to give up.

It's funny - this little thing - this microscopic cancer - has changed my life in ways I don't even understand yet. And that is something that I cannot wait to explore!