Good little nuggets

It's cold.

It's real cold.

It's also now a good time to update you all on a few little nuggets from my last visit with Dr. Michelassi.

When I was at his office last, he took a look at my incisions and decided that he'd take his cute little scissors and dig in a little more into the one under my belly button so it heals better. My C-Section incision is still pretty busted from the hematoma BUT it's actually healed enough that I can't pack it anymore. BONUS! Just call me Frankenstein's monster.

Another nugget - a much tastier one - is that my final surgery will take place on Friday, December 19th! Hallelujah! Praise Baby Jesus! Four weeks until this bag is gone and I'm back to using all my God-given plumbing.

And one final note - the most decadent nugget of all - I don't have to have chemotherapy! Not a lick! Dr. Scherl still wants me to talk to the Oncology Department, but the tumor board decided I wouldn't need it but I could elect to have it if I deem it necessary for my mental well-being.

There's the long and short of it. Signed, sealed, delivered in a nice little box with a pretty little bow.

Please. And thank you.