Every night I go to bed...every morning I wake up. I haven't been on Prednisone in almost a month - and that brings a smile to my face. Since my first surgery, I no longer have to worry about an Ulcerative Colitis flare up, about becoming so debilitatingly ill , about spending 2 hours every morning sitting on the toilet, about walking down the street and hoping that if the moment came - I could find a potty. Sure, I've got this stupid bag to deal with...but it's temporary.

However, I've begun to worry about small bowel obstructions (which I've already had), about the slight chance that the J-Pouch won't work and that I'll have to have a permanent ileostomy, about the global climate crisis, and, God-forbid, about electing a Republican President...all of which gives me anxiety.

A great friend once sent me a short quip of a text message; "Life is only as hard as you make it." Which could not be more true. Life takes it's own course. I can only control what I can control...the rest is up to the universe.

Granted - I feel lucky to be alive. Lucky to have all that I have. Lucky that I have this opportunity to share my story with the world (with all 5 of you that read my blog).

In 6 days, I go back to Weill-Cornell for the 2nd surgery...the J-Pouch creation (Google it...I won't bore you). A step closer to resuming my life...nigh...a step further on my journey thru life.

Onwards, my friends